about us

Since the founding of Boston Integrated Consulting, it has been characterized by providing a variety of comprehensive and integrated consultancy and training services in innovative and unconventional ways in order to achieve the company's vision of "leading in the consulting world", which helps to achieve the highest quality standards for all public and private sectors in various fields by knowing the requirements and needs Our clients, which we are proud of, are distinguished clients who trust to work with us because of the optimal employment of our academic knowledge and practical experience from the reality of the business environment in Kuwait and the Middle East in alliance with Arab and foreign expertise houses to provide integrated consultancy.


Our message

We have a lofty message centered on creating a real model for a Kuwaiti company in the field of integrated consulting that seeks to achieve the highest standards of quality and provides an added value. Our mission is supported by a team of experienced and efficient people that enable them to meet the requirements and needs of our clients in various sectors in order to gain their trust and achieve their satisfaction.

our vision

We aspire to be a leader in the world of consulting by providing an effective and integrated service to our clients in a highly professional manner and unprecedented quality.


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Our work is focused on the practical application of the following values:

  • Integrity and transparency in doing business
    Protect customer privacy and confidentiality of information
    Leadership by providing integrated consulting services in an innovative and creative manner
    Discipline and commitment to the high ethics of the profession
    work as one team